Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Beach Decor Ideas...

Here are some pretty beach decor ideas to inspire you! Some favorites I found this week are: We carry this mermaid above and tapestry below in the store.

Love these tassels and seeking the manufacturer so I can offer them to you!

This gorgeous silk dress has two different coral tone designs on blue - the jewelry makes the dress - which is a Lilly Pulitzer. Love it!

I have an obsession with galvanized buckets and tins. This is decoupaged, and what a gorgeous shabby cottage chic colors!

I adore these tassles! Same as above....

This chair to the left - love it! A touch of woven cane, wicker, or seagrass to any room can add a coastal element. I'd add A gorgous piece of coral to the table.

Ruffled clam shells are wonderful, here's a great idea!


  1. Wow! I love what you have posted. The tassels are really cool!
    -Mrs Peeks Farmhouse

  2. Love your postings and the cottage styles :)
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